Professional Development Certificates in Nanotech & Clean Tech

In partnership with the California Institute of Nanotechnology and Clean Tech Institute, the International Association of Nanotechnology is offering a number of intensive training programs to business executives, professional managers and dislocated workers for the emerging and high growth industries.

The California Nanotechnology Workforce Training Program has been developed to assist:

  • Business executives and professionals: to re-engineer your company’s product development, manufacturing process and expand market positioning.
  • Scientists or engineers: to become an expert and a trainer in advanced nanotechnology technology.
  • Apprentice: qualified candidates are encouraged to apply for the Apprentice Program with paid on-the-job training.
  • Displaced workers with a background in technology: to get new skills for a career in a high growth industry.

These high tech professional development training workshops are taught by a world-class faculty consisting of professors from Stanford University, NASA, California Institute of Nanotechnology and other leading organizations and industry partners.


All training courses are managed by the Clean Tech Institute. More information about registration and details about classes are avaiable on their site.

Currently Offered Training Programs

The Certified Nanotechnology & Clean Technology Professional (CNCP)

CNCPThe 8-week certificate program is designed to train the participants for professional jobs with an opportunity for advancement in the high growth industries of nanotechnology and clean technology. The certificate classroom/lab training courses will equip you to enter into the emerging nanotech and clean tech industries. Students will be expected to demonstrate their acquired knowledge through problem solving, group discussions, and project development.

“IANANO is an Equal Opportunity Employer. This project is funded in part by the President’s High Growth Job Training Initiative under the U.S. Department of Labor – ETA. $1.5 million or approximately 40% of the total cost of this program is financed with Federal Funds. Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request to individuals with disabilities”

Certified Photovoltaic Professional (CPP)

CPPThe Certified Photovoltaic Professional (CPP) program is designed for those individuals wanting to get into the high-growth solar energy industry. The program provides basic knowledge comprehension and application of photovoltaic (solar electric) system operations.

Apprenticeship in Nanotech & Clean Tech- Paid on the Job Training

ApprenticeThis intensive program is designed to train a select number of college graduates for technician jobs in the high growth industries of nanotechnology and clean technology. The first phase of the Apprenticeship program is 8 weeks of formal classroom style learning at our San Jose location to equip you with basic scientific principles and hands on training with a Scanning Electron Microscope. Upon completion of the classes, we will setup placement in an one year paid on the job training with one of our partnering Silicon Valley Nanotech or Clean tech companies.

Micro-Nano-Fabrication for Photovoltaics Workshop

MicroNanoFabricationThe Micro-NanoFabrication for Photovoltaics Workshop is an intensive certificate program geared towards introducing technical and business managers to the applications of nanotechnology for photovoltaics. The program includes a hands-on lab component covering the basic principles and practice of micro-nano fabrication techniques applied to electronic devices.

Future Training Programs

Certified Associate in Clean Energy (CACE)

This general business certificate is an entry level certification which is a pre-requisite for some other certifications. The program provides a general introduction to clean energy and energy efficiency concepts including solar energy, photovoltaic, bio-energy. Targeted population: older youth (20-24 years old), adults, dislocated workers, professional managers in sales and marketing.

Certified PV Installer (CPVI)

This technical certification offers the training in photovoltaic (PV) system installation. It fulfills the employer’s need of PV installers. Targeted population: older youth (20-24 years old), adults, dislocated workers, veterans.

Certified Bio-Energy Technician (CBET)

This technical certification offers practical training in the fundamentals of bio-mass and bio-energy. Targeted population: science technicians, service engineers, technical managers.

Certified Clean Tech Project Management (CTPM)

This management certification offers training in best practices in project management in context of the renewable energy systems projects. Targeted population: business executives, project managers, supervisors, architecture, engineers and other professionals.

Clean Tech Apprentice Program (CTAP)

This one-year apprentice training program in clean tech is designed to new college graduates to get entry level jobs in clean technology industry while get hands-on the job training in solar energy technology and other related renewable energy technology. This intensive program is designed to train a selected number of qualified students to get a paid job at a clean tech company while completing their training.