The International Association of Nanotechnology is a non-profit professional association with the goal of fostering research, business collaboration and providing advanced education and training in nanotechnology and clean technology worldwide


Professional Development

Accelerate your career with our Nano Bio and Clean Tech accelerated courses. These specially desinged courses offer a unique learning environment with world class experts. In addition, class members can take advantage of our online collaborative network, which enables you to leverage the contacs you've made with bi-weekly talks and access to experts even beyond the scope of the class.


NanoBio 2010

The 4th International Congress of NanoBiotechnology & Nanomedicine

Last year's conference was a huge success, this year we'll have more speakers and more presentations. Register early and recieve a $200 discount on your registration fee.

Jun 21 - Jun 24, 2010
San Francisco Crowne Plaza Hotel


Nano Safety Forum

Consulting Services


American Green Jobs Initiative

The American economic downturn requires new thinking. Green energy can free us from dependence on foreign oil and also provide new jobs for American workers.

The American Green Jobs Initiative is designed to promote sustainable green jobs nationwide. AGJI is facilitated by our partner, the Clean Tech Institute. For more information about this initiative and a full list of training programs, click here.


This forum on Nanosafety & Regulations will be held Oct 21, 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm. in San José.

Noted Nano regulation expert John Monica, Jr, an attorney wtih Porter Write Morris & Arthur, LLP will keynote this forum.

Organizations and their representatives are free to give their perspective in what is sure to be a lively discussion

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10-9 Consulting

10-9 Consulting is the only nano safety consulting firm to have 100% of its employees certified and trained by both the California Department of Toxic Substances and the California institute of Nanotechnology.

10-9 knows the importance of getting your organization in compliance with AB-289 quickly. Our consultants can get you in compliance quickly, and can recommend specific steps you need to provide a safer place for your workers and customers and ensure you are in full compliance with California's laws.

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Employer Survey


Nanotech News

Take our Employer Survey

Co-Sponsored by Green Zebra Jobs, this survey's data will be submitted to the the Department of Labor to allow them to understand the employment situation in the Nano Bio and Clean Tech industries. Particpants also get benefits:

  • Data will be shared with you
  • One Free Admission to Nano Bio Clean Tech Forum, Oct 21rst
  • Recognition as a supporting organization on the Nano Bio Clean Tech Forum program

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Green Zebra Job Fair

Job Fair

October 26 in San Jose, California

Partially funded by the Department of Labor, IANANO is sponsoring a Nano Bio and Clean Tech Job Fair. Employers and Job Seekers, register here to participate in this event.

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California Institute of Nanotechnology


The California Institute of Nanotechnology’s mission is to conduct research and development and provide professional education and training in the frontier of nanotechnology to meet the needs of the emerging industry for the benefit of the society.

The California Institute of Nanotechnology conducts advanced & applied research in nanotechnology to help solve major problems facing mankind such as diseases, shortage of energy and global environmental issues.

Home Again USA

American Energy Choice

We are a Distributed Solar Energy Provider™ (DSEP™). We are in the business of deploying solar energy farms to provide distrubed clean power to our customers.

Our solutions are scalable and cost-effective, using proven and reliable technology to satisfy your energy needs for today and tomorrow.

Clean Tech Institute

Clean Tech Institute

Clean Tech Institute provides advanced workforce training for the broad spectrum of professional workers needed by the industry to achieve its promise as a principal driver in the creation of new, high-paying manufacturing jobs in California. CTI has extensive experience in the design, delivery, evaluation and reporting of entry-level and professional nanotech and clean tech training services. Over the past year , CTI has trained more than 200 participants in nanotech and clean tech in San Jose and San Bernardino.

Green Zebra Jobs

Green Zebra Jobs

Green Zebra Jobs, is a part of the International Association of Nanotechnology, a non-profit organization, focusing on job placement for nano, bio, and cleantech industries. Unlike most agencies, we are funded through the Department of Labor and are focused soley on getting the right people hired for the right job, and not on getting a 30% commission. we have access to high-quality candidates who have been certified in nano and clean technologies and are eager to work in these industries. We know all our our candidates on a personal and professional level, and deliver ones that meet your specific needs.


Supporting Organizations